It’s the age of social media. Artists from all over the world can display their art on social media for everyone to see. As a photographer, this brings great opportunities for you to expand and get some cheap domains where you can showcase your abilities.

But, there are some limitations to the social media photography such as reduction of the photo quality which can badly impact your work and deem you unable to present yourself in the light you need to, which is why many have turned to generation name domain and getting their own hosting website.

To do this properly, I will give you a few hosting tips:


Generating a domain name can be a bit tricky. For a hosting website, you need to generate only one domain name, but it’s a good idea to get the additional similar domain names to avoid confusion and avoid getting your visitors to a wrong website by misspelling your URL.

Besides, the chances of some other photographer existing with your name are huge and you would want to protect your name and your work by the uniqueness you will get. You don’t have to use these domains or post content on them, just get them to redirect visitors to your original page.

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Another thing is checking for the domain search availability. If you plan on checking for expired domains, you will have to check the expired domain’s search availability to see if it’s up for sale and re-usage, and if you decide on getting a new domain generated, you will still have to check if it’s eligible for Google search engines and Google AdSense (since it may be banned from these).

Since the .com domains are getting smaller in number by the day, there are many alternatives photographers use in order to get a cheap domain which will also bring recognition and good results. One of the possibilities is to use .photography or .photo to get your URL to be recognizable, but also .space is widely used for creative network groups.


A good website hosting has to provide your domain with a few things such as regular updates and patchworks, maintenance of the website’s server and hosting website safety from outside attacks or viruses.

There are 4 different types of website hosting you can use – cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting all of which offer you different sets of services and prices to choose from, so when selecting one of them, do a good evaluation of the pros and cons they come with.

Before you choose a host and a domain name, do some research. Don’t choose the website hosting provider or domain name solely based on price and don’t think you need every possible feature the website hosting provider offers.