Finding the best domain name that fit your affiliate website can certainly be challenging since there are many factors to take into consideration. In order to avoid any mistakes, this article will go through some of those factors you will need to remember when choosing your domain name for an affiliate marketing website.

Is Your Niche Scalable?

When selecting your niche and doing the keyword research, make sure to find a niche that is scalable. Therefore, you will not be stuck with reviewing one single product. It plays a very crucial part when you select a domain name because for a smaller niche, you are restricted to only writing about that one product whereas a scalable niche has more content options.

Should Your Keyword be in the Domain Name?

Previously, having a keyword in the domain name was major ranking factor. Today, it is not the case according to Google. Matt Cutts (former head of web spam at Google) discussed in a video how important is it to have keywords in a domain name. The video was posted in 2011 and Google has since reduced the ranking factor of having keywords in a domain name. However, I think that it still carries some weight when it comes to ranking. I am saying this because if the keyword is in the domain name, it becomes bold in the search results.

Having a Brand Name in the Domain Name

Make sure to avoid having a brand name in your domain name. This means avoiding names such as Google, Amazon, Apple etc. within your domain name within your domain name otherwise you may be facing a lawsuit from those companies as it may be infringing on their brand.

What is the Best TLD?

A TLD is a Top-level domain which basically means the extension of a domain name. For instance a .net is a TLD. When I select a domain name, I always try to find a .com first before looking for any other TLD, and in case where .com is not available I then start looking at. org’s.

In my personal experience, I find that .com and .org TLD’s tend to rank better in the search engines, however, there is no official Google evidence to back this up.

Final Tips

Finally, we have got some few additional tips to keep in mind mind when finding your domain name.

Domain name length: Avoid domain names longer than 15 characters as they will end up being more difficult to remember and share.

Length of Domain Registration: Don’t worry about registering your domain name for 10 years as this carries no weight with a ranking factor.

Hyphens in domain name: Hyphens within a domain name can take credibility away from the website and can actually be considered as a spam indicator

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